Fear Can Inhibit Growth

​I overcame a small fear today. It’s a silly thing, but I feel victorious.
I’m collaborating with a colleague, the amazing Dawn Metcalfe, and Dawn uses WhatsApp to communicate. I enjoy learning new information, but dislike figuring out unfamiliar tools. Like you, I’m busy – I want things to work immediately.
However, I obliged Dawn and installed WhatsApp.
Then it happened.

A feeling of overwhelm. Disorientation. Frustration. What *is*this? How do I use it? Seven minutes (in vain) trying to add her as a contact. ARGH!
I uninstalled it. Who needs WhatsApp?
I emailed Dawn with other options to collaborate. She gently encouraged me to reinstall again, and she would add me.
I obliged. Reinstalled.  How do I send an audio message? I felt momentarily stupid. I took a deep breath and just starting playing until I figured it out and sent my first successful message.
Dawn’s reply to me: “I’m very, very pleased you’ve embraced this new technology.”
And guess what? I love it!
When you have the initial reaction to flee a new task or change, remember it’s the fear center of your brain speaking. It means well, but it’s not protecting you from REAL danger.
It’s keeping you from learning.
Breathe. Embrace discomfort. Push through. Growth awaits!

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