LinkedIn Tip: Check Out Your Searchers!

​Job seekers: Here’s a gem LinkedIn feature you might not know about.

1. View your profile
2. Scroll down to “Your Dashboard”
3. Click “Search Appearances” box


You’ll see 3 data points for search results you showed up in over the past week:
1. Where your searchers work
2. What your searchers do (title)
3. What keywords your searchers used
Act on this valuable information!
FIRST, are there recruiters in the list?
If so, chances are they have jobs to fill at their company. Check out the company page for each to see if there are openings that match your skills.
SECOND, view keywords you’re being found on. Are they spot on, or off base? Edit your profile SUMMARY and add (or update) a skills section at the bottom with the skills you want to attract, like this:

Areas of Experience:
Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Discovery, Career Transition, Interview Preparation, StrengthsFinder & DiSC Workshops, Keynotes
THIRD, if you find postings you’re qualified for, click “See employees on LinkedIn” from the LI company page and see if you’re either connected to someone there, or if you have a 2nd connection who might introduce you to help you network into the company.


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