Your Team Loves Mondays FINAL COVERYour Team Loves Mondays…Right? A Guide for People Managers … Just in Case. #1 New Release on Amazon in the U.S. and Canada!

According to Gallup research, 9 out of 10 people are not naturally wired to manage people. Yet, two-thirds of managers are thrown into supervising people without direction. Kristin Sherry had a similar experience leading a team of 31 people for the first time without preparation.

Packed with practical tools, frameworks and tips to grow your confidence and people management capabilities, this book will help you discover if management is the best fit for your talents, reveal directing and delegating styles, offer strategies and tactics for hiring, onboarding, training, developing others, and retaining and offboarding employees.

Readers will find step-by-step support to create development plans, give feedback, motivate others and facilitate feedback sessions in this toolbox of actionable guidance.

Hard learned lessons combined with experience coaching managers to improve their skills are delivered in this easy-to-follow guide to earn your team’s respect, get better results and help your team love Mondays.

“By leveraging the insights that Sherry details in her book for your organization, you Buy-Now-Amazoncan reach levels of excellence you probably never considered attainable.” –Authors Reading

“Many books present trite commentaries filled with opinions. Not so with Kristin! The application of her depth of knowledge and expertise, coupled with practical and insightful advice, will truly help people managers perform better. Their teams may actually come back for Tuesday!” –Dave Sparkman, former Senior Vice President of Culture, UnitedHealth Group

Best Seller Book CoverYouMap, an Amazon category #1 best-seller in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Australia and Germany, was judged by top industry professionals to receive the “IndieReader Approved” designation.

YouMap®: Find Yourself. Blaze Your Path. Show the World! The first all-in-one career exploration and job search book of its kind, YouMap provides you with a real-world tested step-by-step process to achieve career clarity and execute a winning job search.

Discover the four pillars of career satisfaction, determine your next best career move, and confidently explain your value in your networking conversations, cover letters, resume, LinkedIn profile, and job interviews!

“Navigating the myriad of career resources available to people in

Buy-Now-Amazoncareer transition can be daunting and overwhelming. With this book, Kristin provides a framework and an accompanying process that makes you feel like you are being guided and supported through your career journey. Having worked in the career development field for 20 years with very diverse clientele, I can honestly say that this book has something for everyone! This is a resource that I will use with clients, students, (my own teenage daughters) and anyone else that is contemplating a career move.”​

Marnie Groeneveld, Sr. Manager, Career Development Services, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Cover Final - 5 Surprising Steps to Land the Job NOW
The #1 reason candidates are not made an offer is failure to differentiate themselves from the other candidates. This practical guide and quick, easy read is packed with tips that have led Kristin’s clients to a 98.5% job offer rate.

5 Surprising Steps to Land the Job NOW!  is based on Kristin’s 20 years of experience in Corporate America, and hundreds of interviews conducted as a hiring manager and decision-maker. She understands what it takes to get an offer in the real world.

She combines her hands-on interviewing experience with expertise in personality and brain-based behavior to give you an edge over your competitors.​


MockUp_Front Cover.jpg

FOLLOW YOUR STAR begins with the true story of my mom, Judi, and shares what I’ve learned from watching her find and follow her star on her journey from high school drop out to CEO.

Through her story, I characterize five specific success strategies she employed and provide you with key principles you can apply to achieve maximum leadership, career, and personal potential by investing in each of the five key areas correlated to success in women.

In addition, the book includ​es an in depth career discovery section and walks you, step-by-step, through a​ real client career discovery case study. While the main audience for the book is women, the strategies and tactics can be appreciated and used by anyone.

These insights provide valuable awareness and tangible ways to move you, personally and professionally, in a positive direction; a direction that brings maximum fulfillment, regardless of the stage of your life.



“Kristin Sherry has woven together beautifully told, true stories and powerful, compelling career insights to illuminate what everyone needs to really know and follow into this wonderful book.  Filled with magical moments and important and inspiring inform​​ation, this is a great guide to successfully following your star to career fulfillment and success. Highly recommended!”​

Steve Lishansky, Author, The Ultimate Sales Revolution & President, Optimize International

“This is a must read!  With Follow Your Star, Kristin has struck a rare balance between the inspiration, encouragement and readab​​​​​​ility that only comes from storytelling, and the hard-hitting impact that comes from research and analysis.”​

John Freeze, Author, Straighten the Path & Executive Director, Crossroads Career Network

“Follow Your Star is impressive!  It’s clean, clear, and simple, and is filled with strategic principles and practical tools. This book about careers is a un​​ique combination of information, inspiration, and application that equals transformation!”​

Brian Ray, Author, Created for Good Works

“Packed with practical tips ​and peppered with wit and wisdom, this book is a solid roadmap to chart your career course!”​

Susan Whitcomb, Author of 7 Career Books & Founder/President,

“A priceless resource that demystifies the science and art of self-discovery.  Follow Your Star generously shares with the reader a thoughtful and proven protocol to uncover your unique self and take the steps to find professional and personal fulfillment.  With the sensitivity of a great coach, Kristin poses challenging and thought-provoking questions and shares personal stories of obstacles and triumph to guide you through 5 key phases to unravel the twists and turns of your own professional journey.  Unlike the traditional textbook self-help guide, Follow Your Star reads like a conversation – carry your own personal coach with you and understand the tools and steps y​​ou will need to transform your life.”

Laura Casoni, Director, Workforce Development Services, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont

Download​ the supporting resources for the Follow Your Star: Career Lessons I Learned from Mom​!

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