Managers – Does Your Team Trust You? Find Out!

​Are you exhibiting these 5 traits to your employees? If not, they don’t TRUST you.
A message and plea to people managers:
Employees who can’t stand one more year with their manager are getting ready to fly. I, and others, will help them leave.
Here are FIVE things you MUST do daily with your employees if you don’t want that to happen:
1. Be OPEN and HONEST. This is a two-way street: Be open with your team, and open to their ideas and input. Always tell the truth.

2. Be COMPETENT. You don’t have to know it all. If you aren’t competent in your position, your team won’t respect you. Find a mentor to help you create a plan to grow as a manager.
3. Be DEPENDABLE. Don’t promise things and not follow through. Do what you say you’re going to do.
4. Be FAIR. Playing favorites kills morale and will cost you.
5. Show you CARE. Your employees must feel you consider their well-being when making decisions and care about what’s important to them. Share their burdens.
Do you exhibit these 5 trust-builders? All five are needed. Not sure? Ask them.
In 2018, commit to invest in the time to become the manager your employees will be torn to ever leave.

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