I Dropped the Ball!

​I completely dropped the ball today. Not once: THREE times.
→ I was late for my first in-person client meeting because people in Charlotte drive like they’ve lost their mind when it rains. And I got every red light for miles.
→ I forgot my laptop charger at home so my computer died while I was going over a career report with my second client.
→ I completely forgot to call a third client because we scheduled over email instead of through my scheduling tool and I forgot to add it to my calendar.
Today was a life lesson that sometimes how we REACT to what happens to us ruins our day more than what actually happens to us.
I made a decision to refuse to let these set backs bring me down.
When the nits of life try to pull you down, hold up your fists and shout, “Get behind me! I’m not going down today!”

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