How Do You Describe Yourself?

We all have positive qualities, but often don’t take time to identify them. This activity is a simple way of becoming aware of your qualities. You can even use some of them in your cover letters and interviews.

Instructions: Circle the words that relate to you. Think about how you see yourself, your character, intellect, and outlook on life. Circle as many words as you want. Be as honest and objective as possible. You can even ask people who know you well to do this activity!

Accepting Achieving Active
Adventurous Affectionate Ambitious
Articulate Assertive Attractive
Caring Charismatic Charming
Cheerful Committed Compassionate
Confident Congenial Conscientious
Cooperative Creative Dedicated
Dependable Determined Disciplined
Distinctive Dynamic Efficient
Empathetic Encouraging Energetic
Enterprising Entertaining Enthusiastic
Expressive Fair-minded Friendly
Gentle Genuine Good-natured
Graceful Helpful Humorous
Happy Imaginative Independent
Insightful Intelligent Intuitive
Knowledgeable Logical Likeable
Open-minded Optimistic Objective
Organized Orderly Original
Outgoing Patient Perceptive
Persistent Persuasive Poised
Precise Productive Professional
Quick Rational Realistic
Receptive Reassuring Responsive
Self-aware Self-confident Sensitive
Serious Sincere Skillful
Sociable Spontaneous Steady
Stimulating Strong Sympathetic
Talented Thoughtful Tolerant
Trusting Truthful Unique
Unpretentious Vigorous Warm

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