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8 People You Need to Follow on LinkedIn

Recently, Kristin Sherry was featured in the following article as a top person to follow on LinkedIn for job seekers:

8 People to Follow on LinkedIn if you’re looking for a job.

Kristin Featured in

Read Kristin Sherry’s op-ed in Entrepreneur Magazine ME, The Recipe for Success: The Top 10 Talents That Make Successful Entrepreneurs.

Kristin Sherry in the News

Kristin Sherry will be giving three talks in Dubai the week of March 4th, 2019. Following is the press release for her participation on a panel discussion at the Emirates LitFest Business Breakfast on March 7th.

Emirates LitFest Business Breakfast press release.

Shedistinction Interview

Recently, I was interviewed by Vera Ng’oma for the Shedistinction blog.

Read the full interview here.