Want to give better interview answers?

​Interviewers don’t know why your outcome is a big deal – here’s how to help them:

Employer: “What is an accomplishment you’re proud of?”
Interviewee: “Last year, I was selected to join the company’s leadership development program.”

This is not high impact because relevant context isn’t provided.

Is the program exclusive, or open to anyone?

How many others were selected? Out of how many?

Were you nominated, versus applying yourself?

Let’s try again:

“Recently, I was nominated by a senior leader in the company to participate in a high potential leadership program. 264 employees were nominated, and I was one of only 10 people selected.”

Ask yourself questions to pull out RELEVANT context.

What if you don’t have numbers? Use descriptive words to characterize the result:

“I was appointed as program manager, overseeing 5 project managers on a highly confidential, enterprise-wide and business-critical shared services integration for a Fortune 100, which finished on time, within budget, and created a stronger financial position for the company.”

17% of people who interview are made an offer. Stand out with clear, crisp, relevant, compelling stories.

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