Changing Jobs? Avoid Buyer’s Remorse!

Changing jobs? Don’t jump from the pan to the fire!

How to pinpoint what you love and hate to avoid the same (or worse) situation.

1. LIST top DISLIKES of your job in 3 areas:
✔ Job responsibilities
✔ Manager’s shortcomings
✔ Company culture

2. LIST what you LIKE across same 3 areas, above.

Prioritize each list by most important.

✔ Create interview questions based on top priorities
✔ Research the company based on your lists (e.g. read, reviews)
✔ Have conversations with people about the company (leverage your network)
✔ Contact HR at the company with questions about the role or company

Top DISLIKES in current job:
A. Manager micromanages me
B. Project team misses deadlines; I’m held responsible, others aren’t

C. Collaboration among peers on team
D. Allowed to work from home

Sample questions to ask:
A. Can you describe your delegation/management style on a recent project?
B. How would you describe the company culture toward accountability?
C. Can you share how the team works together and give an example?
D. How is the team distributed? Is everyone in the office?

Tip: Use Google!
e.g. “Interview questions about ________”

Avoid buyer’s remorse through reflection and preparation!​

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