Kristin Invited to Speak at 2016 Career Thought Leaders Conference

I am honored to be a featured speaker at the 2016 Career Thought Leaders Conference & Symposium March 30 – April 1st in Denver CO.

I will be speaking on March 30th on assessments, and also leading a roundtable discussion on StrengthsFinder. Following is a description of my presentation on assessments:

Tools for the Journey: Equipping Your Clients for Success– Kristin Sherry
Coaching is a journey. Only after identifying a client’s starting point can their journey can begin. Assessments lead to self-reflection. Lack of self-reflection is the biggest hurdle to self-awareness. And self-awareness is a top predictor of career success! It unlocks limiting beliefs and changes thought patterns. Learn about types of assessments, why to use them, what to consider, certifications and qualifications, preparing and debriefing clients, and more!

​If you are a Career Pro, or know someone who is, click here for more information​ about the conference.

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