Why You Shouldn’t Post Content Directly on LinkedIn Publisher

​I’ve written over 70 articles on LinkedIn, and I often like to provide people with links to my articles when they ask me questions about certain topics. I post links on my blog back to my articles on LinkedIn. Here are two reasons why I must stop writing directly on LinkedIn publisher, and will instead post content on my blog, and simply provide a link back to MY website within the LinkedIn publisher container.

1. The links stop working over time and point to the current top article on LinkedIn instead of mine. I’ve tested this on over a dozen articles. I click on a URL that  I’ve put on my blog that points back to a LinkedIn article, I see the URL is correct when it hits LinkedIn, and then the page refreshes and I’m taken to the top article that is currently on Pulse, with a message that my post is “no longer available.” Once working links just stop working. Something is not working under the covers for LinkedIn publisher. I am now having to post all the articles directly into my own blog and use those links to send to people, instead.

2. LinkedIn doesn’t do search optimization well, or at all.  My husband has tried to search for articles on LinkedIn with exact ​terms he knows are in the article, and nothing comes up in search. I tried it by pasting a unique sentence from an article. He’s right…Nothing came up. So I tried searching by the exact title. The search results had similar titles, but nothing that had my unique title. My article did not even show up in search results, yet other results that didn’t match showed up. What this means for you is you aren’t being found. That’s bad.

Bottom line, if you want to be able to send links to your articles, or be found in search, post your content on your own website or blog, and then push the link to your article on LinkedIn, but don’t put your content there.

I hope this helps you! I found out the hard way and now I’m having to paste the content of 70 articles into my blog.

All the best to you!

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