A Job Exploration and Job Analysis Tool

O*NET Online is a great tool for career exploration. You can perform key word searches to identify jobs and careers matching your skills, interests, and strengths. For example, enter “analytical”, “strategic planning”, “process improvement”, “operations management”, “risk management”, “customer experience”, “creative”, “innovation”, etc. and see what returns in a search result.

Clicking the hyperlinked job title in the results provides a wealth of information such as salary, education requirements, outlook for the field (growing or shrinking), competencies used in the role, details about the work environment, and more. There’s also a link at the bottom to review job postings in your desired area.

Here are my results for searching the term Creative:

ONET 1.png

​I selected Video Game Designers, since it has a bright outlook. The detailed information returned for Video Game Designer jobs includes:

  • Sample job titles, typical tasks performed, tools and technologies used in these roles
  • Required knowledge, skills, and abilities for these types of role
  • Details of the work activities performed, and other work environmental variables, such as working with email, indoors, typical work hours, etc.
  • Education and credentials needed
  • The interests, work styles, and values these types of jobs appeal to
  • Wage and employment trends (salary and growth)
  • A find jobs link to view job postings in your desired area

Go to http://www.onetonline.org to start your career exploration or job analysis!

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