Preparing for an Interview: STAR Stories

​Think of 4-5 key accomplishments in your career, and describe them with this 4-step process:

1. What Situation did you face?

2. What was the Task to be accomplished?

3. What Actions did you take?

4. What Results did you achieve?

Each accomplishment you describe becomes a story which helps you discover what you do best and interview successfully.

Accomplishment ExampleTurned around sales in a newly-assigned territory​

You Faced
to Accomplish
You Took
Assigned new territory where sales had declined by 18% the prior year. Increase sales 10% by end of the year. Surveyed customers about satisfaction. Identified new competitor with cheaper product. Put on seminar for past, current and prospective customers featuring service. Regained 63% of past customers, added 27 new customers, and increased sales by 24%.​

If you prepare STAR stories that map to the requirements in a job description, you’ll be prepared to knock it out of the park at the interview!

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