Why Coaching?

A coaching engagement is an investment that pays for itself, in some ways that are priceless:

  • Improved self-awareness, clarity of strengths, and guidance on careers likely to bring satisfaction.
  • The #1 reason executives are selected is demonstration of a clear brand.
  • Better jobs for the rest of your life (learn what is right an​d wrong for you, and why).
  • Land a new position faster by standing out from your competition.
  • Time saved in job search time-wasters. I know what works, and what doesn’t.
  • Motivation and support. Career transition and job search is too frustrating to go it alone.
  • Salary/benefits negotiation coaching. Getting this wrong can cost you.
  • On-the-job follow up. A coaching relationship often extends beyond the engagement.
  • Overall increase in your self-confidence.

Life is too short to waste on work that isn’t fulfilling! Check this out:


I’ll help you make more informed decisions. 80% of students change their major, 3 times on average (source: College Parents of America). 50% of recent grads regret their choice of major (source: Business Insider).


Where do you fall on the Career Satisfaction Continuum, below? I want to help you discover the work that sustains you, that you’re good at, and you love, and help you convey your true strengths confidently.  Contact me for a free 30 minute consult to discuss how I can help you move toward increased career fulfillment.


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