Jessica T., Strategy & Innovation Consultant

“Kristin –
I wanted to let you know that I received and accepted an offer from […] this week. Here’s to taking that next, big step in my career.

Thank you SO much for your help in this process, from pushing me to clarify specifically what I wanted/needed next in my career during our coaching engagement last year to the incredible interview prep coaching for this current opportunity. You are awesome. I’ve passed your name on to so many others at this point that I’ve lost count.

Best wishes and continued success to you and your clients!”​ 

Rebecca H., Senior Director

“We’ve offered Kristin’s StrengthFinder program to my team on at least 2 occasions. Each time, I heard nothing but positive feedback from attendees. My team appreciated the focus on developing and enhancing their natural strengths. The sessions have all been engaging and team members generally stayed after to talk and learn more from Kristin.”​ 

Lisa S., Contract Manager

“My favorite part of working with Kristin was learning about myself and the type of work that motivates me. Also, as an introvert it’s often difficult to convey my skills and experiences but now I have a networking conversation ready to use when the next networking opportunity presents itself.

I also have job search tools and strategies that would not be available to me without my connection to Kristin.

Working with Kristin exceeded my expectations. I knew she was passionate about her work by reading her posts and advice on social media. I knew I had to be coached by her because it was evident she really cares about the people she coaches and putting them on the path to a better life.

Please keep inspiring people to find out what their unique purpose is, so they can start on the journey to finding not just a job but a fulfilling and rewarding career!”​ 

Joe M., Digital Marketer

“Kristin helped me to unlock a deeper understanding of myself than I ever thought possible. Her thoughtful and systematic approach to uncovering strengths, skills, and values helped me to recognize how I’m wired, why it matters, and how I can leverage my innate strengths and natural talents to make meaningful contributions.

Working with Kristin was fun and insightful. It’s obvious that she loves helping people. I found her enthusiasm to be contagious. I was inspired by the fact that she serves as an example of what it looks like when someone has aligned their strengths, skills, and values with what they do and who they are professionally.

I’d recommend Kristin to anyone looking to better understand themselves and their unique abilities in order to maximize personal and professional potential.”​ 

Lila S., Director of Communications and E-Commerce

“Kristin Sherry made me fall in love tonight. With myself. With my potential. Because, apparently, I am AWESOME and rare. So are you, but I digress. In one Gallup Strengths coaching session, Kristin Sherry brought me so much self-awareness and affirmation, shed light on exactly why some parts of my career feel better than others, and what I should be doing next.

Let me tell you something – nothing will make you feel more empowered than knowing exactly what you bring to the table in a way that no one else can.

I highly recommend Kristin Sherry as a career coach, who will put you face to face with the future you’re really meant to have.”​

Katarina W., Digital Marketing Manager

“Kristin helped me with my career discovery and her coaching put everything I feel about myself into words and concepts. The YouMap is a fantastic way to keep a tangible record of your skills, values, and working style. Kristin is highly knowledgeable, experienced, passionate, and just a genuinely caring person who wants others to succeed. Her guidance is helping me move forward with a clear vision of what I need to be happy in my career.”​

Brielle S., Digital Marketing Manager

“I set up a coaching session with Kristin to help me identify why I was hitting the same road blocks when applying and interviewing for jobs. With just one session with Kristin, I was able to over-haul my resume and practice my interview skills. Her coaching and insights helped me tremendously in understanding my strengths and weaknesses in the job seeking process. I felt more confident and prepared going in to interviews after my coaching session. One of the most important take-aways from the session were the self-guided activities to prep for a resume build and a role specific interview. These are the tools I will have on-hand for many years to come. With Kristin’s coaching, I was able to land a job and re-locate to a new city. I even received several positive accolades on my resume presentation.”

Mead P., Regional Sales Director

“I first decided to partner with Kristin and her staff for some preliminary investigation into strengths and communication style. Once we concluded the series, I determined I had to continue with more discovery.

The “YouMap” Kristin created has allowed me to sum up so many facets of my leadership style and values. I’ve learned so much more than I ever anticipated. Kristin has done a tremendous job of conveying the information in a unitized, easy to understand package that is invaluable for any busy executive.

I believe the best investment I can make is the one in myself. I’ve read tons of books and attended countless seminars. But the one-on-one time I’ve spent with Kristin has yielded the highest return on investment by far.

She’ll not only show you the “what” and “why,” but also the daily application for sustained success. Partnering with Kristin has allowed me to truly maximize my abilities.​”

Nicole Y., Learning & Development Professional

“Working with Kristin was an enlightening experience. I learned so much about myself and how to present myself to others. I love how she helped me navigate awkward discussions like salary requirements and why I separated from my previous employer. The interview guide is also amazing and helps me feel prepared for each interview. Each session also helped me learn to frame my strengths, values and experiences in a coherent and marketable way. Kristin exceeded my expectations and I have already recommended her to others looking to make a career change.” ​

Roxanne A., Operations Leader

“As part of the Professional Accelerated Career Entry Leadership program at Lash Group, I had the opportunity to be coached by Kristin Sherry. During that year, she provided many tools to help identify my strengths and unfold matrixes that can assist with real work experiences from decision making to crucial conversations. Each situation I approached her with, she was knowledgeable and well prepared with research studies, assessments and guides to help me find ways to work through the situations at hand. There is not one week that goes by, that I am not circling back and re-reviewing a handout she has provided. These have been extremely important in not only managing through issues, but also identifying the type of leader I to continue to be.

Since PACE, I have solicited Kristin’s executive coaching to ensure I stay aligned and achieve the professional goals I have set forward. Her positive yet fact-based outlook has provided a 360 perspective on my career and life. Each session, I continue to be impressed by the resources provided and the recharge I gain. I am truly thankful for Kristin‘s ambition and drive towards the development of others. I have and continue to recommend Kristin Sherry to leaders who want to remain competitive and serve others. Invest in yourself – you’re worth it!” ​

Lauren Laurenzana, Director of Programs & Events, Union County NC Chamber of Commerce

“We have had such good feedback on your talk. You gave great takeaways and your personal story really underlined everything you were speaking about. What a wonderful way to kick off our 2017 Women in Business Program!”

P.D., Corporate Banking Executive

“After a sabbatical from work, I decided to work with a career coach to improve my resume for targeting executive level jobs. I wanted my resume to accurately reflect my experience and career goals. What started out as a resume review turned into the most effective engagement I have ever had with a leadership development expert.

Before we began working together, Kristin explained she could update my resume more effectively if I took a couple of assessments that would describe in-depth my strengths and interests. The value of these assessments made a lot of sense since my skills have increased over the years, and my goals have changed. A couple of days after I took the online assessments, Kristin and I had a session where she explained the insights she had gleaned from the reports. The results were both validating and informative. She then updated my resume to a level and quality I had never seen, and I have seen hundreds of resumes in my career. In addition, she created a one-page summary to share with a prospective employer for a specific role. Kristin also provided a lot of valuable advice about looking for a job, interviewing, and working for a new company.

I highly recommend Kristin for people re-entering the workforce or looking for a major career change. If you ever wondered what type of role you’d really succeed and be happy in, and how to prepare to search and interview for those types of roles, call Kristin Sherry!​”

Stephanie L., Marketing Manager

“I connected with Kristin when I was working through the stereotypical career mom dilemma. Kristin worked with me to figure out what was right for me and what my strengths and values truly are. I recommended her to friends while still in the process and strongly recommend her now that we have completed the first level. I will continue to work with Kristin as she is a strong part of any woman’s career support group.​”

Sasha V., Master Skin Therapist​


“I was lucky enough to find Kristin through a recommendation from a friend. My experience with Kristin has been nothing short of life changing. Kristin helped me focus in on what I wanted and devised a plan to help me achieve it. Not only did Kristin revamp my resume she also revamped my attitude and beliefs about my natural talents and skills. I accepted my new position this afternoon and I could not be happier. Kristin truly has a gift for career advising and guidance. I highly recommend her and her services.”

L. Blackman, Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Leader​

“I am so glad I met Kristin, she is such a motivator and inspiration to me. Kristin has truly helped me realize my strengths and has given me direction on how to apply my strengths to enhance my career and obtain my career and personal goals. Kristin has been and will always be an asset to my professional development.”

Susan B., Senior VP, Information Technology​

“I cannot recommend Kristin Sherry highly enough. She is an amazing coach, who uses her intelligence, intuition, experience, and her fantastic communication skills to teach you the most effective way to not only understand your top five workplace competencies and how they relate to your behaviors and motivations, but the language you need to accurately express your strengths in the context of your career and career goals. The beauty of what she does is to drive you to question and analyze whether you are in a place where you are able to leverage your strengths in the most effective way. She also trains you on how your competencies mesh with those who have different competencies, in order to be able to work in the most successful way with others. Understanding your own motivations and those of others is critical for success. Kristin provides you with these skills.”

Kelly L., Sales & Marketing Professional

“I highly recommend Kristin as an excellent resource in any career change/job search. She was critical in my interview preparation by compiling information about me and determining how best to relay my total story to a future employer. The asset summary she put together reflecting my strengths, talents and personality was instrumental in my gaining a final interview with the company that I desired to work with and ultimately resulted in an offer. Kristin is professional, personable and fun to work with. She has savvy and creativity when it comes to building a total profile picture and ‘wowing’ a future employer.”

Christopher K., Senior Vice President, Corporate Real Estate

“I’ve recently engaged Kristin Sherry and Virtus Career Consulting to help me identify the next best step in my own career progression. Kristin helped identify my personal strengths and interests, and map that against my current job so that I could better understand why I wasn’t feeling satisfied at work. Kristin then guided me through some personal reflection to identify what would be a good career for me, and then gave me some tools to use to better tell my story about why I would be a good fit for various positions.

Through working with Kristin, I found the courage to actually turn down what was (on paper) a very solid position and job offer to wait for an opportunity to better match my skills and interests. Had I not had Kristin to help guide me, I would likely have taken the “wrong role” rather than make sure I waited for one that I can embrace for the foreseeable future.

Kristin genuinely cares about me (and, it seems all of her clients), and truly helped guide me to the right decisions for my long-term happiness, rather than just spending time with me “checking the boxes.” I whole-heartedly recommend her services for anyone who is not satisfied with their current career and needs to better understand how to find their own personal right path.”

Caroline L, Telecom Professional

I find myself at an interesting time in my life as I begin a search for a new career after having spent 27 years in the Telecom industry.

Kristin sat down with me and we discussed what my passions are and where I want to go career-wise. At her suggestion I took a strengths finder exercise which confirmed so many things about my personality and the environment I wish to work in. Kristin also helped me revise my resume. I thought my skills were industry specific but she helped me verbalize the strengths and abilities I possess that will help me in my job search.

Thank you Kristin for all your help and support. I have a renewed focus and enthusiasm as I search for that next opportunity.

Mia M., Corporate Trainer

“I recently worked with Kristin as I was transitioning to another phase of my career. She sees the big picture and quickly hones in on your strengths and talents. She helps you to understand them and their value. Kristin listened to my questions and concerns. She conducted a needs analysis for me that included core competency strengths testing. She helped me to see that most of my skills and expertise carry over from one setting to another.

Kristin was easy and responsive to work with. She gave me the choice to meet face to face, by phone, text, or email. She responded quickly to any form of communication. Kristin prepared me for interviews, updated my resume, and helped me to re-brand myself.

Kristin is a true professional. I’m so glad that I found her to help me with the next phase of my career. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a change.”

Brian Ray, Founder, Crossroads Career Network

“Having worked with Kristin Sherry for a couple of years, there is no one any better at helping individual clients ​discover their best, target opportunities and lay out a plan. She provides counsel how to actually achieve goals and encouragement to keep on keeping on.”

Dave W., Transformation Church Career Team Lead

“I’ve had the privilege of serving with Kristin on our church’s career ministry. I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard people rave about their sessions with Kristin and how they walk away with a better sense of who they are and what they have to offer prospective employers. My stepson recently took the School Place Big 5 assessment and I was able to witness this interaction first hand. Although skeptical about it being a big waste of his time, by the end of the session he was thanking Kristin. Thanks for what you do, Kristin, and for doing it with such genuine passion.”

T. Turner, Technical Writer

“Kristin has been my Career Coach for the past few months and has provided invaluable resources and information. Her Coaching style is one that helps a person identify who they are at the core and how that can be used to succeed. I HIGHLY recommend her for coaching and mentoring. The information Kristin shared with me has allowed me to understand my role in Corporate America and how to maximize my ROI. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kristin; she has definitely shown me a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Keeley L., DISC/StrengthsFinder Workshop Attendee

“Thank you for your workshop! I counted the days to be able to attend, and am so grateful for what you had to share! You are truly gifted in explaining what we need to know and how to acquire and articulate that insight. When YOU say it, I get it! Thank you again!”

Stephanie B., Grant Writer

“I found my voice and strengths by yielding to Kristin’s expertise and objective perspective. She delivers a positive approach to focusing on what matters that helps you to set aside what doesn’t. I appreciate her skills!”

Michele R., Functional Analyst

“I was looking for a new position, and had no idea where to start. I consulted with Kristin, and took her recommended interest and aptitude profiles. This really helped me see what types of positions I was suited for, and where I would be the most successful. The next step was having her help with my resume. I had a basic resume, but her input make it so much more professional. Her advice about how to search for jobs was invaluable. Once I had an in-person interview scheduled, I met with Kristin one-on-one to practice. We went over the job description, she gave me probable questions, and answered lots of questions from me. After that, I went into the interview feeling so much more confident and prepared. I am convinced that this preparation was a key factor in me getting the job.

Even after getting hired to do a job I am really enjoying, Kristin has been very approachable and willing to answer questions and provide guidance when I have needed it. I very highly recommend Kristin to anyone searching for a new job – she understands the job search process and current job market, and has insights and advice that are extremely helpful.”

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