Student Coaching

​​​​​​Student Career Discovery (ages 16 -22)

80% of students change their major, 3 times on average (source: College Parents of America). Half of recent grads regret their choice of major(source: Business Insider).

Universities and colleges are often unable to provide students with worthwhile career schoolplace-brochureadvice that allows them to consider all the options available to them because most of these institutions are staffed by professionals from the world of education that may not have the insights required to advise on careers outside their field.​ In fact, Gallup has reported that only 17% of students found college career services helpful.

We are well-qualified to advise students because we work with professionals across a broad range of fields and industries and have  experience working in both for-profit and non-profit companies.​

The SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ provide insights on student behaviors, learning styles, and preferences that can be leveraged to accomplish long-term objectives:

  • Understanding learning styles and behavioral tendencies
  • Selecting best-fit career paths and colleges
  • Developing effective leadership behaviors
  • Improving teamwork skills and productivity

Coaching Overview​

​​Session 1: Strengths Discovery – 60-minute session

Learn how your strengths are themed, how they work together (driver, passenger, fuel strengths), how these talents apply to your career, how to confidently articulate your strengths to a future employer and incorporate them into your job search (LinkedIn, resume). ​

Session 2: Behavioral Traits and Preferences – 60-minute session

Discover your personality and behavioral trait tendencies and how those relate to career options, and learn if you have a generalist or specialist career pattern.

Session 3: Career Report – 60-minute session

Review Career Report and identify areas of natural talent and abilities, workplace attribute preferences, and top job family matches. Recommendations, insights, and tools are provided to evaluate career options and determine feasibility/desirability.

Engagement Includes a summary report to combine assessment data into one summary report for ease of reference.

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