Corporate Services

​Discover Your Strengths (StrengthsFinder Workshop)

​​Teams will:

  • Describe their five strength themes and understand the impact to their work​​​​​​​​​​​​​Understand strengths of colleagues and how to build effectiveness in the group
  • Identif​y characteristics that make them successful in their role and when to use them
  • Know how to manage their strengths and identify what motivates them
  • Identify where individual and group strengths are themed and identify potential gaps​


Building Better Work Relationships​ (DiSC® Workshop)

This workshop is tailored to:

  • Executives using DiSC® Work of Leaders
  • Sales teams using Everything DiSC®Sales Profile
  • Managers using Everything DiSC®​ Management
  • Individual Contributors using Everything DiSC® WorkPlace


Building High Impact Teams (WorkPlace Big Five™ Workshop)

  • ​​​Recognize and describe your workplace behavior and understand the impact in your life
  • Understand the workplace behavior of your colleagues to increase effectiveness in the group
  • Identify energizing and natural competencies that make you successful in your role
  • Identify draining/outside of comfort zone competencies that impact your success
  • Develop awareness of the team’s collective strengths and competency gaps
  • Brainstorm actions to leverage strengths and address challenges as a team​


​Role Definition & Candidate Assessment

A study from Michigan State University reports that if your company’s new hire evaluation process consists solely of an interview, you can expect a 14% chance of a successful hire. Adding a background check increases the percentage to 26%, and a personality test increases it to 38%. That’s where most companies stop.​​

I help create companies find the right people for the right roles using the YouMap® career profile that reveals the candidates strengths, values, preferred skills and career interests.

My Clients

I help my clients improve their effectiveness as individuals and as an organization; from honing management skills to intentionally shaping their culture. I give my clients the inspiration and tools to achieve the transformation they seek.


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