​Want to strengthen your LinkedIn profile?

Your HEADLINE is your WHAT. Ask, What do I do better than most people?

Let’s say you’re an Operations Process Consultant:

Operations Process Consultant | I turn around under-performing call center operations.

There it is. WHAT you do is your title, plus the ONE thing you do best.

Now, the SUMMARY is your HOW.

Simple 4-part formula:
→ 2-3 sentences expanding on the one thing in your headline (focus on core problem you solve)
→ Proof to back it up in a “Select Accomplishments” section
→ A call to action
→ Key word summary of skills you enjoy

There are many moving parts, processes, and people to orchestrate in call center operations. The biggest problem I see are the silos that create redundant processes and gaps that swallow up your customers. I help you see the big picture, close gaps, and delight – instead of frustrate – your customers.

Select Accomplishments:
* Increased customer satisfaction by 15% for a Fortune 500
* Reduced customer issue resolution time from 96 hours to 24 hours
* Streamlined processes to reduce annual overhead by $240K

If we have mutual interests, please send me an invitation to connect.

LEAN/Six Sigma, Process Mapping, CX, Journey Mapping

Voila! Is it easier than you thought?

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